Not Polite to Pointer!

pointmaker-logo-0613Required disclaimer: This represents the opinion and experience of me personally and does not represent any specific policy, law or official guidance.

We teach our kids it’s not polite to point, but what if they have to annotate? Boeckeler Instruments, Inc booth (3513) developed a video overlay system that allows presenters to draw and point on live video images (i.e., annotation).

The prototype model unveiled at the show is the CPN-6000, which will take the place of the current CPN-5000. The CPN-6000 is a smaller footprint and upgraded with USB 3.0 monitor device connections. One of the most exciting advances in this verion of their product is the ability for the customer to upgrade the firmware.

If you need annotation, check out Boeckeler. Information can be found by visiting the company’s booth 3513 or see the website.