NoviSign Advances Strategic Partnership with the New SHARP PN-B and PN-M Series around Android and Digital Signage Software

NoviSign and Sharp Imaging announced that NoviSign’s online Studio editor and management software now runs on the new SHARP 40″ class PN-B401/PN-M401 and 50″ class PN-B501/PN-M501 professional LCDs. Available to joint customers today, the on-chip NoviSign digital signage software integration helps brands optimize the way they create and manage digital signage content.

NoviSign’s digital signage software integration with the SHARP PN-B and PN-M Professional Display series enables business, organizations, and integrators of any size the ability to remotely design, update and manage digital signage content from any computer at any time.

NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software integration with the SHARP PN-B and PN-M Professional Display Series opens the door to new advancements practicality and innovation:

  • All-In-One: full access to NoviSign’s cloud-based online Studio editor, drag & drop widgets, dynamic content scheduling, media performance statistics, analytics dashboard, player status reporting and multi-user admin control
  • Cloud-Based: no on-premise server’s, no complicated software installations, no intricate IT support
  • Online Studio Editor: world’s easiest-to-use design tool for quickly creating and managing content
  • Live Widgets: RSS, YouTube, Ustream, web pages and web images
  • Media Widgets: photos, slideshow, videos and FTP
  • Essential Widgets: scrolling tickers, text, shapes, weather and clock
  • Fun Widgets: games, polls, countdowns, virtual queue and touch screen
  • Social Widgets: Facebook, Instagram, Yammer, Twitter
  • Dynamic Content Scheduling: day w/time, dayparting, recurring dates, trigger events and more
  • Media Performance: proof-of-play, media statistics, user audits, exposure times and more
  • Player Reports: online connectivity, total play times, screen availability and more
  • Professional Templates: full library of premium templates that can be edited and customized
  • White label reseller: completely unbranded white label website with wholesale license pricing

NoviSign is here and and Sharp is here.