Oblong Introduces Mezzanine 200 ‘In a Box’ Solution

Oblong Industries has released its Mezzanine 200 Series visual collaboration solution with a new Partner Kit. This ‘Mezzanine 200 in a box’ Partner Kit is designed to be a packaged solution for huddle rooms.

The Mezzanine 200 Series offers the a platform for global team collaboration in these smaller connected spaces. From a technical standpoint, this solution services a simple, dual-screen configuration, making it easy to deploy. It complements a wide choice of display screens, VTC codecs, and other hardware peripherals offered by partners to provide full room solutions to their preferred customers. But, what really makes Mezzanine 200 different is the bezel-mounted infrared gesture-tracking system, which provides a natural interface option with multiple simultaneous content streams: Just point the remote wand device at content on the screens to highlight, snapshot, move and scale important information on the fly.

The wand is just one of the interface options for Mezzanine, as laptops, smart phones and tablet devices also have equal access to control the workspace, wirelessly. Mezzanine 200 can be installed and fully operable within a day.

With a significantly lower price point than the brand’s 600 Series, the 200 is Oblong’s most affordable solution to date, while still having the same user experience including concurrent viewing of up to ten shared devices, gestural interaction, and real-time control by multiple participants.

Touch annotation on the Mezzanine 200 Series means it allows annotation over multiple streams simultaneously. Collaborators can annotate over graphics or live video, including live video feeds of analog whiteboards in other locations. Snapshot the annotated content instantly to create a new asset and deliver it directly into the workspace portfolio for later reference and download.

Here are all the specs.