Onkyo and Integra release FlareConnect

Onkyo and Integra release FlareConnectOnkyo and Integra, which are distributed by Amber Technology, have introduced a next generation wireless multi-room audio distribution system, FlareConnect.

Developed in-house, FlareConnect is enabled via a simple firmware upgrade. It shares, distributes and synchronises music from network-attached and external audio sources between selected Onkyo and Integra AV/hi-fi components/systems and compatible wireless speakers. This is done using dual-band 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi.

FlareConnect allows users to control multi-room audio, manage playback across the home and cast music to individual or grouped FlareConnect equipped speakers via the free-to-download Onkyo Controller or Integra Control Prop apps. It also offer the ability to change the standard Master-Slave device assignment protocol so any suitable FlareConnect equipped device in any room can be selected as the ‘master’ device.

Onkyo supported models include: TX-NR686, TX-8270, TX-NR575E, TX-N676E, TX-RZ720, TX-RZ820, CS-N575D, HT-R997, TX-NR555, TX-NR656, HT-R695, TX-RZ710, TX-RZ810, TX-RZ1100, TX-RZ3100, PR-RZ5100, TX-L50, TX-L20D, LS7200, NCP-302, NS-6130, NS-6170 AND R-N855.

Integra supported models include: DRX-7.1, DRX-R1.1, DRC-R1.1, DRX-2.1, DRX-3.1, DRX-2, DRX-3, DRX-4, DRX-5, DRX-7, DRX-R1 and DRC-R1.

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