Origin Acoustics to showcase new products as ISE 2018

Origin Acoustics to showcase new products as ISE 2018 2
Origin Acoustics, which is distributed in Australia by Synergy Audio, has announced it will be showcasing a number of new products at ISE 2018 in stand U100, hall 5.

On display will be the marine speakers, Valet amplifier, Deep Subwoofer collection and two LCR Soundbars.

The marine loudspeakers Explorer collection feature seven models that have been specifically designed for the harsh environments presented by installations on ocean going vessels. The collection uses proprietary coatings that can withstand direct exposure to saltwater, as well as extreme temperatures and humidity conditions.  Featuring stainless steel fasteners and connectors to enhance wire connections and structural durability, the loudspeakers have been given careful attention to protect every component in the system.

“We embarked on this project with a goal of continuing our legacy of sonic performance in environments that typically restrict the use of electronic components. After rigorous testing I am confident the results speak for themselves,” says Origin Acoustics director of product development Mike Hopkins.

Origin Acoustics to showcase new products as ISE 2018

The Valet amplifier integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Dot to create a simple, interactive four-zone system. Each of the four stereo zones has a RJ45 connection that sends power to the Dot via a standard CAT5/6 cable and returns the audio signal to the amplifier through a proprietary balun. The amplifier features eight, 50W channels and can be connected to a broad range of speakers to provide the power necessary to drive them to substantial volume levels.Origin Acoustics to showcase new products as ISE 2018 1

Also on display will be the Deep subwoofer collection, which features four models featuring onboard DSP. This will allow for a single band of EW to be parametrically adjusted via a Bluetooth connected app on the phone.


Finally, Origin Acoustics will be showcasing its first offerings in the dedicated soundbar category with  two sleek LCR soundbars.

The first model, a single channel LCR, is the first in what will become a full series and has dual 3.5” fibreglass woofers on both sides of one of Origin’s patented 1” DPSD tweeters. Three individual speakers can be used as a soundbar for LCR channels and can be placed in a line beneath the display or as LCR’s when placed beside and below the display based on the customer’s preference.

The second model is housed in extruded aluminium containing all three front channels. The centre channel section offers the same driver compliment as the LCR, while the left and right channels have a single 3.5” woofer and a DPSD tweeter.

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