Pacific Media Expects 8 Million Projectors to Ship in 2010

Pacific Media Associates (PMA) expectsPMA-0410 worldwide front projector sell-in shipments to reach nearly 8 million in 2010, surging nearly 30 percent from 2009 when the industry still managed to turn in a relatively flat year during the global recession.

In the mainstream projector market, this year will mark the ramp-up of LED- and hybrid LED/laser-based models that are not only environmentally friendly but also budget friendly.  Also in the mainstream market, 3D front projection is poised to take off in home cinemas and in secondary schools and universities. Finally, in the mainstream market, PMA expects strong sales of new wall-mounted, ultra short-throw models that offer educators and businesses unparalleled opportunities for large-image projection from extremely close-in distances, enabling cheaper, easier and more flexible installations.

In the high-end front projector market, the confluence of credit easing in late 2009 and the release of Avatar led 2009Q4 to be the strongest quarter to date for digital cinema.