Pacific Media Reports Decline in Front Screen Projectors

Pacific Media Associates (PMA), the global market information experts on front projectors, reported that worldwide front projector sell-in shipments were 1.26 million in the first calendar quarter of 2009. That represents a 9 percent decline over the first quarter of 2008 as the impact of the economic recession weighed on projector demand.

PMA says that there were notable differences in performance on a regional basis as well. Hardest hit were Eastern Europe and Mid-East/Africa as declining currencies and weak demand for exports impacted local economies and projector demand. The US market also underperformed as sales weakened across most channels. On the positive side, which meant relatively flat year/year performance in the current economic environment, China, Japan, and Western Europe showed signs of resiliency on a year/year basis.

But despite the tumultuous first quarter, PMA noted that key New Era and Mainstream segments managed to perform quite well. Pico projectors – the tiny, battery-powered gadgets – registered a strong double-digit gain vs. the initial, strong shipments in the fourth quarter.  And personal projectors – the new, lightweight companions to laptops and netbooks – began to ramp-up quickly during the quarter. In the mainstream market, sales of short-throw projectors and professional widescreen models – including Wide XGA, 1080p, and Wide UXGA – registered gains on both a year/year and sequential basis.

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