Pacific Media Says Projector Sales Up 52 Percent

According Pacific-Media-0610to Pacific Media Associates (PMA), the worldwide market information experts on front projectors, the worldwide front projector market is on target to grow 30 percent or more in 2010 from its 2009 level, thanks to a particularly strong Q1 that notched 1.9 million units worldwide.

“The three major regions Americas, Asia, and EMEA are now almost perfectly equal,” said Dr. William Coggshall, President of Pacific Media Associates. “In just a few quarters, Asia has shot up in volume, mostly due to big growth in China, which threatens to overtake the United States as the biggest single country market, propelling the region to a triple-digit percentage growth. And not only is China becoming a big buyer of projectors, but thanks to its acquisition of key technologies it is also becoming a powerful seller.”

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