PanaCast set to revolutionise collaborative spaces

Jabra has launched the world’s first smart panoramic 4K plug-and-play video solution certified for Microsoft Teams, the Jabra PanaCast.

Featuring a real-time immersive intelligent vision system, the PanaCast delivers wall-to-wall video, audio and data in meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It uses three 13-megapixel cameras that work as one via core technology embedded in the PanaCast vision processor and provides a 180-degree panoramic field of view.

The PanaCast is designed to assist productivity, supporting equal participation for everyone in a meeting whether they are in the room or working remotely.

In addition, the upcoming Jabra PanaCast API will enable developers and partners to access real-time information such as people count data. Jabra’s conference speakerphone series ‘Speak’ can also be integrated with PanaCast to further optimise the UC experience.

Jabra chief executive René Svendsen-Tune says the PanaCast shows Jabra’s commitment to enabling businesses to achieve optimal collaboration and productivity.

“Now is the time to bring remote workers and huddle room participants closer together through the addition high-quality, plug-and-play video to your huddle rooms. We want to challenge the market in both video and audio solutions with a solution that offers the best in audio, video and data. And the first responses are promising: users report a four-time growth in video-based meetings and a nearly 20% reduction in meeting duration.”

The PanaCast is compatible with cloud-based solutions including: Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Slack, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Unify Circuit, BlueJeans and more.

It is distributed in Australia by avt.

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