Panamax Ships MD2-ZB SmartPlug and BB-ZB1 BlueBOLT Gateway

Today, Panamax started shipping its MD2-ZB SmartPlug panamax-smart-0413and BB-ZB1 BlueBOLT gateway, both of which allow for energy management, surge protection and BlueBOLT functionality to individual outlets. Part of the Panamax “MD” family of direct plug-in devices, the MD2-ZB SmartPlug provides energy monitoring, individual outlet control, scheduled and surge protection in a small form-factor that plugs directly into any standard 120V, 15A outlet. Utilizing ZigBee wireless communications, the MD2-ZB can be monitored, controlled, programmed and remotely accessed via Panamax/Furman’s cloud-based BlueBOLT energy management and control platform via the wired BB-ZB1 gateway.

For integrators, BlueBOLT allows for service calls through remote control of the MD2-ZB’s two discrete AC outlets from any Internet-enabled device. In addition, the platform provides real-time and historical power related data, including energy consumption in kWh and dollars by outlet.

At 1.5 inches, the MD2-ZB houses two side-mounted outlets and provides status, network and wiring fault indicators, in addition to push-button “override” power switches to power outlets on/off instantly from the top of the device. To protect electronics, the unit’s Protect-or-Disconnect circuitry completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge. To accommodate the look of any room, the MD2-ZB’s front cover can easily be removed and painted to match the wall color.

Offering the plug-and-play ease of installation that BlueBOLT is known for, the gateway (BB-ZB1) connects to a user’s network via an Ethernet cable and creates a wireless mesh network supporting up to fifteen SmartPlugs per gateway. MD2-ZB units will be added to each user’s BlueBOLT account along with any hardwired BlueBOLT power conditioner component models, providing a single destination for simple and intuitive remote power and energy management solutions, anywhere in the world, via the cloud.

The MD2-ZB and BB-ZB1 list for $119.95 and $99.95, respectively, and specs are here: