Panasonic Debuts Brightest Single-Chip DLP WUXGA Projector Ever

panasonic-singlechip-0613Panasonic’s newest single-chip DLPs are all part of the PT-DZ870U Series. The line includes the 8,500-lumen PT-DZ870UK, spec’d to be the industry’s brightest WUXGA (1920×1200) 1-Chip DLP projector; the 8500-lumen, WXGA (1280×768) resolution PT-DW830U; and the 10,000-lumen, XGA (1024×768) resolution PT-DX100U. The entire PT-DZ870 Series uses a new 420-watt, dual-lamp system.

All models are specified at a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and include Panasonic’s proprietary and re-engineered Dynamic RGB Booster, which the company says improves image color and brightness by optimizing lamp intensity of individual red, green and blue colors according to each scene. The PT-DZ870 Series is also 3D compatible and supports various 3D formats including frame packing, side by side, top and bottom, line by line and simultaneous.

The PT-DZ870 Series is DIGITAL LINK compatible (HDBaseT), which assures end users of a simplified AV infrastructure with high definition video, audio and control signals all carried over a single CAT5e or higher specification Ethernet cable for up to 100 meters (328 feet). This solution reduces cabling costs and complexity and simplifies installation and maintenance. Panasonic’s Digital Interface Box, the ET-YFB100G ($1,999.00 list) is currently available and can be paired with the PT-DZ870 Series projectors for DIGITAL LINK connection, or the projectors can be used with major AV control manufacturers’ protocols such as Crestron’s Digital Media 8G+ , Extron’s XTP Systems, AMX’s Enova DVX and other manufacturers’ HDBaseT variants without the need for an external receiver.

Paired with a new ultra short-throw lens — the ET-DLE030 — the PT-DZ870 Series makes an ideal projection solution in situations where space is limited, including museums, auditoriums, exhibitions and digital signage installations. With a short throw ratio of 0.38:1(WUXGA), the device will be able to project a 100” to 350” diagonal image from  2.7ft
(0.82m) and 9.4ft (2.85m) from the screen respectively. The ET-DLE030 lens, part of a wide range of optional lenses offered by Panasonic, is compatible with all current, lens-replaceable. 1-chip DLP Panasonic projectors and will be available in August for a list price of $5,999.00.

The entire series can be found here.