Peavey’s New nWare Control Suite Ships

Peavey Commercial Audio announced shipping their latest nWare 2.0 software control suite ahead of InfoComm Orlando 2017, as well as a preview of what is possible with the latest video compatibility.

nWare is the drag and drop audio systems configuration, management, monitoring and control software platform behind the MediaMatrix and Crest Audio series of network controllable and configurable products. With more than 42 feature sets and functionality upgrades since its introduction back in 2005, the configuration and control platform for Peavey’s network audio products nWare 2.0 has a new user interface, ‘quick keys’ and 22 new built-in project templates.

nWare 2.0 is the most extensive update yet to one of the World’s most trusted platforms for mission critical applications, seamlessly working with the Crest Audio network amplifiers, as well as the new MediaMatrix nTouch-180HD and Kiosk-180HD touch screen controllers, the H-DCM & F-DCM (Dante/CobraNet IO modules) and integrated with the ‘Kiosk2Go’ HTML-5 browser based control interface platform.

nWare 2.0 features include:

  • Device Tree: nWare’s device tree has been reorganized, hiding advanced and arcane devices to non-advanced users and slimming down iterations of devices that were cluttering the tree. Devices can now be assigned to quick keys for more rapid placement and with the new filter option, time spent navigating the tree to find a specific device has been eliminated.
  • Control Interface: Several new products have been added to the control interface; nTouch 180HD, Kiosk 180HD as well as new and improved Crest Amplifier control devices. Kiosk2Go has improved security and loading speeds and has also been hardened to better maintain and restore sessions over intermittent Wi-Fi.
  • User Interface: nWare’s integrated design environment (IDE) has undergone a facelift for a far more user-friendly interface. In addition to updated graphics and toolbars, a template chooser with 22 project templates has been added — offering a starting point for new files in various categories. Handling of media assets, grid and snap settings usability have also been greatly improved.

Here are all the details.