Phoenix Audio Technologies to Introduce the New Stingray at UC Expo and Infocomm 2017

Phoenix Audio Technologies is introducing its new Stingray Smart DSP Mixer system at the UC Expo in London UK (booth C-103) and will show it in June at InfoComm in Orlando, Fla. The Stingray is an all-in-one smart mixer utilizing Phoenix’s proprietary distributed array technology. Each unit mixes up to four microphone inputs, performs echo canceling, noise canceling, AGC and other algorithms required in a conferencing room setup. The Stingray also supports four auxiliary inputs that can be reinforced for local playback. Each unit comes with four 15 watt speaker amplifiers, SIP, USB and analog interface, supporting any kind of conferencing device.

Phoenix also integrated its Daisy Chain technology into the Stingray. This allows 15 Stingray units to be easily connected to each other, supporting up to 60 mixed microphone inputs and the playback of the far end through up to 60 amplified 15 watt speakers. The Daisy Chain can be broken into any number of zones using a simple interface setup. This feature makes the Stingray the perfect device for large rooms that can be partitioned. Each zone can interface independently with its own conferencing application through its built-in SIP, USB and/or analog interface.

The chain of Stingrays can be programmed through the local network by logging into any of the units remotely using any browser. Each unit can also be programmed and controlled via a menu navigation switch and its local display panel.

Phoenix Audio says The Stingray is expected to be available for sale immediately after InfoComm, which takes place in Orlando, Fla., June 14-16.

The Stingray will be showcased for the North American market at InfoComm2017 in Orlando this June (booth 2261), and is expected to be available for sale immediately afterwards. There was no additional information about The Stingray on the Phoenix Audio website at press time, but we assume there will be here a bit later.