Power2Show Offers New Way to Create PC-Based Multimedia Presentations

RePromotion introduced Power2Show, which the company is calling “digital signage for the rest of us” but is pretty much a sophisticated presentation system/multi-media player that can be used to deliver digital signs. The multi-media player runs on Windows-based PCs and allows users to integrate digital photos, videos, Flash animation and PowerPoint files together with video, audio clips drawn from a variety of outside sources including YouTube, live Web pages and adjustable text banner for local and RSS messages.

In fairness, this CAN be used in venues where you expect to see digital signage — exhibits, tradeshows, store displays, waiting rooms, lobbies, etc. so technically and sales presentations. The company also bills it as a digital message board for communicating to people in public venues. The focus seems to be mostly that if you use it to show your wedding photos, or you use it as a welcome sign in a lobby — it is content that the user him or herself can create.

Power2Show’s plug-and-play software is done via download at the website.

The software retails for $199. There is even a 30-day trial offer.