Premier Announces Line of Plenum Rater Ceiling Storage Boxes

premier-plenum-0312Premier Mounts announced a line of false ceiling equipment storage boxes, the GB-AVSTOR series, which are plenum-rated and permitted to be installed within environmental air spaces with UL 2043 certified safety recognition.

Equipment installed in air-handling spaces, or plenums, must meet installation code requirements for smoke and flammability performance. The UL 2043 certification is a fire test for heat and visible smoke release for discrete products and their accessories installed in air-handling spaces. Equipment installed in plenums must meet specific requirements, making it beneficial for manufacturers to test for UL 2043 compliance. UL has more than 100 years of fire testing and certification expertise, making them the leading resource on fire safety and testing to meet requirements.

The GB-AVSTOR series of false ceiling storage equipment boxes provides discreet storage for A/V and IT components. The GB-AVSTOR3 and GB-AVSTOR5 replace a standard 2×2 ft. ceiling tile, while the GB-AVSTOR4 replace a half of standard 2×4 ft. ceiling tile. For more information, click here: