Premier Intros Video Wall Stand

premier-videowallstand-0212Premier Mounts showed its version of Modular Video Wall stands in the form of the MVWS-2X2-4655 and MVWS-3X3-46, designed for 46- and 55-inch thin bezel flat-panel displays.

Both the MVWS-2X2-4655 four-screen and the MVWS-3X3-46 nine-screen seamlessly set up and break down for easy shipping, handling and moving. The 1/2-13 bolts make rapid setup and breakdown possible since they require no special tools. These bolts provide a sustainable foundation for the structure, as they can withstand rough handling and are not easily stripped.

Attachment of separately sold headers (MVWS-2X2-4655-HDR or MVWS-3X3-46-HDR) and removal of the base allows the structure to be raised into the air and suspended by cables. Because the system is bolted together with the 1/2-13 bolts, it is possible to remove the legs when flying the system.

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