ProCo Sound Ships AoD Output Module

ProCo Sound is now shipping its AoD Ouput Module designed to ensure studio-quality audio transport over any Dante network — AoD Output Module features a Dante audio input and two channels of analog output.

Its design allows AoD Output Modules to easily connect with any Dante Network. The module comes equipped with hand soldered, three-foot analog audio tails and two analog audio outputs, including one RJ45 Dante input and using two Neutrik(r) NC3MXX series XLR analog outputs. These XLR connectors guarantee the delivery of studio-quality, low-latency audio.

The AoD Output Modules use the highest quality D-to-A converters, support a 44.1, 48 and 96 KHZ sample rate and up to 24-bit depths. The modules use Power over Ethernet (PoE), with power sourced through standard Ethernet cable via a PoE capable network switch. The free Dante Controller software provides accurate configuration of device names, channel labels, signal routing, sample rates and latency.  

You can see more detailed specs here.