projectiondesign Introduces LED-based FL32 Projector – rAVe Comments on LED

One common theme in projectorland at InfoComm was LED-lit LCD and DLP projectors. As most rAVe readers know by now, LEDs are inexpensive to operate (energy-efficiency wise), last forever (in the range of 20,000, up to even 100,000 hours) and have white light darn close to the true white-point of 6500K.

With that in mind, projectiondesign launched the FL32 LED projector that they are aiming at mission-critical 24/7/365 operations.  Using a native 1080p (WUXGA) single-chip DLP engine, the FL32 is aimed at simulation, but it’s not bright – most LED projectors are in the range of 150 to 1000 ANSI lumens – and this one claims about 700 ANSI lumens with a 7500:1 contrast ratio.  However, the trade-off is a projector that doesn’t need its lamp replaced in its normal lifespan and drives the image with the same light output until it dies.

As more of these LED projectors debut, you’ll see light outputs increase and performance improve, but one thing’s for sure, this will be the fastest-growing segment of the projector market for a while (as far as new technology goes).