Q Acoustics releases 3000i speaker series

Q Acoustics, which is distributed in Australia by Indi Imports, has released the new 3000i speaker series.

An evolution of the 3000 Series, the 3000i has undergone innovative improvements aimed to enhance both sonic performance and aesthetics. It also benefits from premium speaker technology as well as big changes to cabinet construction.

The P2P bracing has been introduced to help keep the enclosure quiet, along with Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser (HPE) technology to eliminate any sympathetic resonance. Air pressure has been equalised within the cabinet to go with a 22mm High Frequency Driver, a micro-fibre soft dome with wide surround sound to create an even and wide dispersion of stereo.

The cabinet design uses principles that preserve the sonic blues which allow the user’s ear to perceive that a solid 3D soundstage is present.

The 3000i comes in the following range:

  • Q 3010i – Bookshelf/Standmount Speaker (100mm and 22mm precision drivers)
  • Q 3020i – Standmount/Bookshelf Speaker (125mm and 22mm precision drivers)
  • Q 3050i – Floorstanding speaker (165mm and 22mm precision drivers)
  • Q 3060S – Slimline Active Subwoofer (200mm driver and powerful 150W amplifier)
  • Q 3090Ci – Accurate Centre Speaker (twin 100mm and 22mm precision driver)

For more information please visit www.qacoustics.co.uk


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