QSC Expands Paging System

In less than a year, QSC has become a leading contender for paging system applications with their Q-Sys digital paging platform – aimed at theme parks, cruise ships and museums. With the introduction of the PS-1600, PS-800, PS-400 page stations and a suite of supporting software functions, Q-Sys now addresses the needs of transportation hubs and other facilities needing sophisticated public address capability.QSC

Three versions of the page station are available and differ only in the number of physical buttons provided. System designers may select a 16-, eight- or four-button version depending on the needs of the facility. All versions are offered with either gooseneck or handheld microphones. As with other Q-Sys devices, they support dual networks for redundancy. The page stations also include a second microphone input so that a single station can serve, for example, as both the jet-way and the kiosk of an airport departure gate. Page stations are connected directly to the Q-Sys core via standard Gigabit Ethernet; Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also employed so no local AC power is required.

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