rAVe Anoints Dan Dugan the Most Honest Guy in Audio as He Launches AES/ADAT Automixer

The Most Honest Guy in Audio, Dan Dugan, founder of Dan Dugan Sound Design, will be introducing the Model E-3A, an automatic microphone mixing controller with AES digital I/O. The E-3A is designed to connect to standard mixing consoles via insert points, making it a useful tool for sound engineers who frequently manage multiple microphones at live events such as corporate meetings or governmental sessions.

Why is he “The Most Honest Guy in Audio?” Simple — with Dan, you can believe everything he says about his products. There is ZERO exaggeration on his specs an no ridiculous adjectives to describe his products. He is THE ONLY audio company that we can literally cut and paste his press releases on new products — there are no lies or exaggerations in them.

Just read this — this is word-for-word what he submitted to us. It’s well-written, explains the application perfectly and has NO EXAGGERATED SPECS:

The Model E-3A replaces the prior Model E-3. The new version incorporates an OLED front panel which is used for automix gain display, management of six matrix mixing buses, and other control functions. The E-3A accommodates 16 channels of AES I/O at 48kHz or 96kHz, and may be easily linked to other Dugan digital mixers for system expansion. Alternatively, users may utilize AES and ADAT I/O simultaneously for a maximum of 32 channels at 48kHz.

Up to six internal matrix mixing buses may be patched to any chosen outputs. 16 automixed channels, 16 unprocessed AES inputs, and 16 unprocessed ADAT inputs are all available for a total of 48 inputs to each matrix bus. The internal matrix buses create additional flexibility in a user’s mixing configuration. For example, a matrix bus could be used to create an automix inside the E-3A instead of using console insert points, or the buses could be used to create mix-minus outputs for commentators’ cue speakers, or to taper gain of nearby ceiling speakers in a conference room application.

Like all other Dugan automixers, the Model E-3A may be controlled from the product’s front panel, the Dugan Control Panel for Java (supplied free), the updated Dugan Control Panel for iPad, and/or the Dugan Model K Control Surface. The front panel version of the Dugan Control Panel is operated by navigation keys and a rotary encoder for setting values.

Dan Dugan is the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer. His gain-sharing technology is widely recognized throughout the professional audio and broadcast industries for creating the best possible mix of live microphones. The Dugan Speech System provides fast, transparent cross-fades without upcutting, choppy sound or shifts in background noise. Transitions between talkers are smooth and consistent, no matter how many mics are open.

Dan Dugan Sound is here and the Model E-3A is here.