rAVe Exclusive: Evans & Sutherland is Back in Projection

evanssutherland_GLV07_2-0509We predicted this in our Krystal Ball article about what we expect in 2009 and here it is: laser projection for the ProAV market.  Dubbed the ESLP 8K NanoPixel, the 8K x 4K projector boasts 16x the resolution of 1080p and even Evans and Sutherland admit the resolution is higher than the human eye can perceive.  rAVe is the first to know about the laser-based E&S 8K projector and they’ve told us it will be at InfoCcomm 2009 with custom 2D and 3D content that they guarantee will blow us away.

We’ll see, but the specifications are impressive at 8K x 4K resolution, 12-bit color, and using what they claim is standard 115V power – that one is hard to believe. We think the actual production model – slated for Fall 2009 – will be 230 Volt (remember we said that).