rAVe Scoop: Everetz Launches IP Encoder

Evertz’s new 7881ENC-H264HD video encoder claims low latency compression of HD/SD-SDI video and audio signals over any transport network, including IP/MPLS, satellite and sonet. The encoder is equipped with an enhanced H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) video compression engine that delivers high quality video with super low latency as low as 100ms end to end when paired with Evertz’s 7881DEC-H264HD+ULL professional decoder.

The 7881ENC offers an auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI digital interface with High Profile 4:2:2 video compression resolution at user configurable bitrates of up to 80Mb/s with support for forward error correction (FEC) and integrated encryption technology to ensure security across the transport. The encoder also includes a dedicated control port that offers a built-in web server for quick and easy configuration, including true SNMP control from the VistaLINK NMS when paired with a frame controller. For those mission critical applications, the 7881ENC-H264HD can be smartly managed using the Evertz Compression System Manager (CSM) software, which offers complete provisioning, monitoring and redundancy management of the contribution compression head end.

You can see all the specs here: http://www.evertz.com/products/dtv-mpeg