rAVe Scoop: SoundTube Debuts Totally IP Distributed Audio System

The SoundTube ST-NET system is an IP-addressable speaker system that drives 40 watts PoE (Power over Ethernet) to each of its speakers. The system includes a rack-mountable 16-port switch, rack-mountable power supply and in-ceiling and surface-mount PoE powered speakers. In addition to the 16 Ethernet ports, the ST-NET switch includes two gigabit ports for linking of switches and control gear and a WAN port for connection to an outside network.

Using the CobraNet audio standard as its backbone, the system allows each SoundTube speaker on the network to be powered, controlled and receive the digital audio signal via its Ethernet cable. Set up and equalization can be done individually or as a group. Each speaker can receive different audio signals and is continuously monitored by the system to provide report-back status to the main control point. Any failure in the speaker will immediately trigger an alarm (either visible, audible or both), and the system can be configured to send an e-mail message to the installer or end user detailing the status of the system. The ST-NET switch and speakers are compatible with all other CobraNet-enabled control systems, and multiple SoundTube switches may be linked for large distributed speaker systems.

Here’s a PDF of the product’s spec sheet: http://www.ravepubs.com/utility/documents/soundtube-2012-IPFlyer-v2.pdf