RGB Spectrum Adds DVI Dual-link Option to the MediaWall 2900 and SuperView 4100

RGB Spectrum has added a DVI dual-link option for its MediaWall 2900 video wall processor and its SuperView 4100 multiview processor to accommodate these higher resolutions such as 2560×1600 (WXGA). The MediaWall 2900 offers two DVI dual-link outputs; the SuperView 4100 needs only one. Both processors support up to 2560×1600 on each output. Eight video-graphic windows can be displayed simultaneously in real-time. Four 720p sources, at native resolution, fit nicely into a single 2560×1600 output. And, for two edge-blended projector applications, the MediaWall 2900 delivers overlapped outputs.

Although there are computer graphic adaptors that support DVI dual-link output capability, they commonly display only graphics and applications running on a single computer. With the MediaWall 2900 DVI dual-link processor, multiple videographic sources may be displayed together at any size and position on one or two screens. Using a four-head graphics adapter set to 1280×800 on a PC and connecting each output to the MediaWall or SuperView, the result is a pixel-for-pixel match displayed via the 2560×1600 DVI dual-link output.

Here are all the specs: http://www.rgb.com/products/MediaWall2900