RGB Spectrum Adds HDCP Support to MediaWall

According to RGB Spectrum, their new MediaWall 4500 andRGB-Spectrum-0310 4200 wall processors are now available with HDCP support to allow content protected material found on broadcast signals, Blu-ray players and DVDs. As you probably know by now (or should know by now), HDCP content protection insures against illegal copying and is the industry standard.  The MediaWall 4500 processor can display up to 30 graphics and video signals on up to 12 screens in a 3×4 array; the MediaWall 4200 can display up to 12 graphics and video signals on up to 8 screens in a 2×4 array. Images can be displayed anywhere, any size, within or across screens, in correct aspect ratio or stretched to fit, in whole or zoomed to emphasize details.

For more specific specs, go to:  http://www.rgb.com/products/MediaWall4500/?c=n