Robe Launches the ESPRITE LED Moving Light with replaceable LED engine

The ESPRITE moving light is the first to use Robe’s ground-breaking new generation 650W WTE (White Transferrable Engine) light source.

It was designed, developed, patented and manufactured by Robe in the Czech Republic, and is the first in a new series of Robe luminaires to feature a fully replaceable and transferable white source LED engine. This high-performance luminaire can potentially replace old and entire fleets of workhorse discharge fixtures.

Offering a cost-effective and easily changeable LED engine, Robe has eliminated the white source problems of unpredictable life and performance inconsistency.

The LED module holds a host of useful data in addition to the date, serial number and usage, which can be accessed via a free mobile App.

Thanks to this powerful LED light source and a highly efficient optical system, the fixture outputs 27,000 Lumens. Other design innovations include a new cooling system that removes any airflow over the optics, resulting in reduced residue deposits and vastly extending the periods needed between cleaning sessions.

A 5.5 – 50° zoom range provides a high-quality flat-field beam, combined with fabulously smooth CMY colour mixing, extremely fast bumping colour wheels, and a unique coloured prism for producing a new level of effects and animations.

Versatility can be maximised with effects like the animation wheel, variable CTO, two colour wheels, rotating and static gobos, a 6-facet rotating prism and a selection of 1°and 5° frosts.

Together with a set of accurate framing shutters, and invaluable LED ‘adjuster tools’ like C-Pulse flicker-free management for optimisation with the latest HD and UHD cameras, the unit also has L3 (low light linearity) dimming for perfect results in the most demanding of performance conditions.

All these factors ensure that ESPRITE will enjoy great longevity and provide the excellent maximum short, long and extended ROI that’s synonymous with Robe products.

Robe’ s reputation for quality, innovation and design has been built over 25 years and is the result of constantly asking questions and listening to feedback from end-users on all levels. This has enabled the brand to constantly and continually redefine the boundaries of technology.

View the new ESPRITE in action here:

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