Ross Video Launches New Workflow Automation Production Solution Bundle for Smaller Productions

Ross Video will be launching a new solution bundle, this week, that combines OverDrive Express with Ross Video’s Graphite integrated production vehicle; designed for smaller productions looking to cost-effectively improve production values.

Launched in 2017, Graphite is an integrated, all-in-one production powerhouse that combines a real Carbonite production switcher with XPression graphics, two channels of clip server and a brand new 28-channel RAVE audio engine. Unlike most all-in-one solutions, Graphite offers unrivalled reliability because the Carbonite switcher functions are built on a separate PCIe card and directly powered by the system, making it immune to any possible computer sub-system reboots, crashes or updates.

OverDrive is the broadcast industry’s preferred production automation solution and the 2016 launch of OverDrive Express – a more cost-effective yet totally scalable version – proved that workflow automation is not just a requirement for larger broadcasters and studios; even smaller productions can use the operational benefits that come from automation, with demonstrable improvements in consistency and quality.

Here are all the known details.