Samsung to Develop Ad Networks?

What does a company with ofSamsung-Ads-0610 $79 billion in sales last year (a 23 percent increase over the year before) really want? Well, Samsung is considering a plan to push interactive advertisements from other companies through Samsung’s phones and flat-screen TVs.

Samsung’s new apps (similar to Apple’s store for its iPhone) lets consumers stream content from the internet to — in Samsung’s case — a web-connected TV. Millions of Samsung’s ipTV owners now can access to 30 ad-free applications, such as Netflix and Blockbuster. By year-end, more than 100 apps are supposed to be available.
Think of it as the world’s largest digital signage network… ha, now you have the real idea! Why stop at just TV screens when you have monitors out there, too? And why stop at your own TVs and monitors if incremental screens add revenue?

Vendors of electronic appliances now think they can’t profit just by offering features like sharper colors or brighter sound. Pricing power, as demonstrated by Apple, comes only from unique features or control over content. And that’s why Sony is jumping in with Google on Smart TV, Google’s web-accessible video search play.

Analysts even think Samsung may purchase an ad network (or, like NEC, start one). This would bring in lots of ad money from marketers who appreciate a screen 25x the size of iPhone’s.

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