SandTrap audio custom speaker tuning system

The SandTrap audio enhancers re-tune speaker system resonance in custom AV installations and premium in-wall or ceiling speaker setups.

When mounted in sheet-rock, speaker systems can generate muddy mid-bass, harsh mid-range and forfeit decibel levels. The SandTrap eliminates this issue without any significant structural changes to the building.

The sheet-rock resonance destroys the heart of music and movie audio, lowering the value of your home sound systems. SandTrap estimate that these issues can create a distorting gap with an average 10 db loss from 600 Hz to 1.5 KHz.

SandTrap counters this by attaching numerous SandTraps: sand-filled, ABS plastic-framed and birch wood-backed speaker baffles around the area of affect. This provides additional mass around the cabinet construction or speaker frame and minimises oscillating sheet-rock resonance.

Each baffle is shipped empty and filled with sand on site to reduce the total cost of the units.

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