SANYO Brings New Projection Products to the Channel, Including Extreme Short-Throw Model

SANYO had quite a showing at InfoComm and introduced several new products to the ProAV community.

The first is an amazingly short throw distance model. The company says their new PLC-XL50 can project an 80-inch image from just three inches away. Yes, you read that right. Three inches. It also uses a proprietary that allows it to be used for both vertical and horizontal projection. It has top and bottom keystone correction and Color Board Mode for projecting on a colored surface.

It is specified at 2000 lumens and XGA resolution and weighs about 17 pounds. It ships in December for MSRP under $5,000.

On the low end is the PDG-DSU20, designed for the educational and mobile projection markets. This is specified at SVGA resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio and 2000 lumens and it weighs six pounds. It will be available in August with MSRP of $695.

The new PDG-DXT10L is a table top projector specified at a bright 5200 lumens using two lamps and with 2100:1 contrast ratio. There are five optional lenses to accommodate different throw distances. It also uses a Power Iris that dynamically opens and closes the lens’ iris from scene-to-scene depending on the image content. The iris closes during dark scenes for better blacks and opens up during bright scenes. This one will be available in September for $6,995.

SANYO also introduced two network projectors, the XGA PLC-XF47 LCD unit, specified at 15,000 lumens and 2000:1 contrast ratio with 12 different lenses, and the PLC-XP100L LCD XGA projector with 6500 lumens and the same contrast. These use the company’s PJ-NET interface for network monitoring and PJ-NET ORGANIZER Plus C. When used with PJ-NET MASTER 2.0 software all projector functions are monitored and controlled remotely but also the camera function captures still images and allows projectionists to confirm whether or not the image is actually being projected while monitoring from a remote location.

Also, the PLC-XF47 is both wired and also has an HD-WIRELESS System, which SANYO says can receive uncompressed 720p and 1080i data wirelessly, from distances approximately 100 feet away with less than one millisecond of latency. The company says it fully supports video data rates of up to 1.5Gbps and operates in the 20MHz bandwidth (conforming to worldwide 5GHz regulations).