Screen Innovations Adds New Zero Edge Pro Screen

Screen Innovations (SI) has announced an update to its Zero Edge screen with the new Zero Edge Pro. Thirty-six screens in one and three bezel options: Small (1/2-inch), Medium (1-1/2-inches), or Large (2-inches). The Medium and Large options are available in twelve colors with an in-lay of hand-wrapped velvet or completely wrapped in velvet. Available colors are the same that were recently introduced on SI’s Solo Pro lithium-powered motorized screen.

Zero Edge Pro is also available with SI’s LED backlighting options, another original feature on Zero Edge screens. SI has added a new option for backlighting as well, including a new IP controlled solution that can be integrated and controlled seamlessly with Philips Hue Smart Lighting ecosystems.

Simultaneously, SI has also announced a new rendition of its Black Diamond material available exclusively on Zero Edge Pro. Black Diamond XL, which has exceeded the optical height barrier of 60-inches, is available up to 76-inches high and carrying a claim to be the largest optical-layer based Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen in the world. Zero Edge Pro is also available in a variety of SI’s materials, including a new 1.0 gain material, aptly-named Unity, as well as their advanced line of acoustically transparent materials, such as Pure and Slate AT.

All the tech specs are here.