Sescom Intros Small, Light Pro Audio VU Meter

ses-vua-1ru-web-1116Need to check your levels but there’s no more room in your Equipment Rack? Can’t imagine squeezing one more unit into the monitor wall? Then you need to check out the Sescom SES-VUA-1RU Pro Audio VU Meter. This controlled ballistic 40-LED per channel display is super small and light, great for tight spaces.

Ruggedly constructed in a powder coated steel enclosure with Phoenix connectors to provide secure and fast hard wiring of balanced stereo audio signals the SES-VUA-1RU takes up only 1 RU, is less than 1″ deep and weighs only 2 pounds. You get control over features like LED brightness, left and right channel sensitivities and a selectable Display Mode. This pro broadcast audio reference VU Meter has a scale of -25db to +14db and displays loudness, loudness and peak, loudness and peak hold or sum and difference.


  • Balanced Stereo Analog Signals
  • Phoenix-Style Connectors
  • User Controls: LED Brightness, Channel R and L Sensitivities, Mode
  • Display Mode: Loudness, Loudness + Peak, Loudness +Peak Hold, Sum/Diff
  • Compact Design: 1RU, < 1-inch deep
  • Rugged, powder-coated steel metal enclosure

Here are all the specs.