Sharp Launches 4K Multi-Touch LCD

sharp-4k-0314Sharp’s new PN-K322B is a commercial-grade 32″ 4K resolution (3,840×2,160 pixels) LCD monitor using its IGZO technology, the company’s first 4K res monitor using multi-touch technology. Sharp’s IGZO technology is an energy-efficient LCD that enables smaller-sized pixels; the company has a dedicated microsite that explains the technology here. Brightness is spec’d at 300 cd/m2. Inputs are one DisplayPort, 2 HDMI (HDCP compatible), RS232C for control and a 3.5 mm-diameter mini stereo jack for audio.

The PN-K322B can be set up in a vertical (90-degree) or low-angle (25-degree) position thanks to a dedicated stand that allows the monitor to slide easily between the two angles. The vertical set-up enables easy viewing of the monitor, whereas the low-angle set-up is ideal for touchscreen operation and onscreen writing by hand. Seamlessly flush with the bezel, the PN-K322B’s full-flat screen is ideal for touchscreen operations that involve swiping from the edge of the screen. This touchscreen monitor is capable of recognizing 10 touch points at once, thereby expanding touch interface applications beyond merely writing on the screen. To prevent unwanted hand input when the user’s palm is resting on the touchscreen, a palm cancellation function can be selected to prioritize pen input.

The PN-K322B supports MST (Multi-Stream Transport) mode as specified by the DisplayPort 1.2 standard. A single DisplayPort cable can transfer 3,840 x 2,160 video signals at 60 fps, resulting in smooth rendering of high-resolution video and fluid mouse operation. IGZO technology and edge-lit LED backlighting enable the PN-K322B to offer a slend profile, measuring only about 36 millimeters at the thickest point.

Complete specs are available here.