SHOWLOGIX Introduces SHOWRUNNER System at ISE 2018

SHOWLOGIX’s new SHOWRUNNER is a new show-control and multi-display playback software designed to run AV projects of any size. SHOWRUNNER is an all-in-one system for creating immersive shows at amusement parks, architectural projections, museums, exhibitions, visitor centers, live shows, retail etc. Developed for system integrators, SHOWRUNNER is delivers three different interfaces and a wide variety of designing options to support many possible applications.

SHOWRUNNER’s flexibility lets the system designer build the logic to match any need. There is no code writing. Cue triggering, Timelines and the logical interface, all use simple and intuitive drag and drop components. With the new logical interface, SHOWRUNNER enables linking external devices to media features which allows real-time manipulation for all parameters. Whether creating interactive media systems or time based shows, SHOWRUNNER can play multi-layer graphics, video, sound, dynamic text and live feeds across multiple displays while controling any number of external devices using standard Ethernet protocols and Art-net. The SHOWRUNNER system has a complete set of tools to accomplish almost any video mapping challenge both in 2D and 3D.

SHOWLOGIX is here.