Signagelive and BrightSign Partner for Global Digital Signage Solution

Signagelive today announced that it’s bringing Signagelive support to BrightSign’s line of Series 3 digital signage media players.

The BrightSign/Signagelive solution is meant for large companies and media agencies that require centralized control of their brand messaging worldwide. This pertains both to customers that require a platform for cloud-networked global signage networks, as well as tech-minded customers who build custom solutions based on their proprietary application programming interfaces (APIs).

Signagelive’s support for BrightSign Series 3 media players includes the following capabilities:

  • Setup — Timezone configuration from the Signagelive platform/cloud
  • System Reporting — manufacturer, model, app version, screen status (on/off), OS, serial number, IP address, CPU, memory and storage
  • Screen Control — ability to schedule on/off based on day, time and recurrence
  • Remote Reboot — force a reboot at the next check-in
  • BrightSign NativeTicker support — very smooth left-to-right ticker
  • HDMI input — full-screen and in a zone within a layout
  • Dual-video support in layouts
  • Frame-accurate synchronisation
  • BrightSign WiFi Module and NativeTicker support
  • IPTV Streaming — HLS only, full-screen and in a zone within a layout
  • Remote Screenshots — shown on device dashboard including the capture of HDMI input
  • Proof of Play — records and reports all media played with tags and metadata

For more information about BrightSign’s media players and the company’s full suite of digital signage software solutions, go here. To learn more about Signagelive’s digital signage software platform, go here.