Slow Retraction for Elite

Elite Screens is introducing a new line of manually operatedEliteScreens-0310 projection screens that have a Slow Retraction Mechanism (SRM) that permits the screen to retract slowly back into its casing without being assisted by the presenter.

Traditional manual projection screens are spring-loaded so they retract so quickly that the force of its return may actually knock the entire unit off of its installation if not properly secured. This risk is eliminated with the added SRM safety feature.

Additional features include its auto-locking mechanism for variable height settings, black masking borders, MaxWhite (1.1 gain matte white material) with wide diffusion uniformity, lanyard for convenient operation and a versatile end cap design that accommodates both wall and ceiling installations.

Manual SRM Screen sizes are available from 85″ to 120″ with your choice of 1:1 and 4:3 NTSC aspect ratios.