Smart-e Ships Modular 4K Splitter

smarte-4k-13-0514UK-based Smart-e’s new modular HDMI and HDBaseT splitter, the 4K-1:3, is now shipping. This splitter is able to transmit high resolution 4K HDMI signals to multiple displays. It features one selectable input, three selectable outputs and one fixed HDMI output.

The 4K-1:3 transmits video signals together with Ethernet, RS232 and IR over a single CAT6 cable (up to 100 meters) to three displays, and can be configured as a transmitter or receiver, offering the flexibility to re-purpose simply by swapping modules.

Multiple units can be cascaded together to a combined distance of 750 meters (five levels of CAT6 distribution). Infrared and RS232 control can be passed through to each display to allow for integrated control solutions and an external power supply provides inline power to the receiver units — not totally the way HDBaseT is supposed to work, however. The HDBaseT spec is supposed to allow power from one source to power the entire system — not requiring separate supplies.

Smart-e says each selectable output bay/slot can accept either a native HDMI module (4K-HDMI-I/O) allowing for local display connection without the need for a Cat6 receiver, or a Cat6 transmitter module (4K-HDBT-TXF) enabling remote screen connection up to 150 meters from the source.

The modules support full HDMI digital video and embedded audio, with compatibility for HD 720p, 1080p, Ultra HD 2K and 4K resolutions, together with pass-through support for EDID, HDCP, CEC and control protocols. Additionally, each bay allows for full duplex RS232, 100baseT Ethernet and reverse path IR.

Here are all the specs.