Sony Chalks Fiscal 2008 Up as Learning Experience in Economy

sony-logo-0509Last week, Sony announced a $1 billion loss for their year ending March 31.  And, they see the trend continuing with an expected $1 – $1.25 billion loss in 2010.  Sony’s never had two years in a row with losses and, in fact, 2008 marked their first down year since the ‘90s.  Although Sony’s PlayStation 3 is still in the #1 or #2 spots in all polls, it’s been losing ground to Nintendo’s Wii for two years.  And, Sony bet big on the PlayStation3 a few years ago as the centerpiece of the home, but this has not panned out as CableTV and SatelliteTV boxes seem to have become the hub for now, along with Apple’s popular AppleTV.

You can read Sony’s full financial release here.