Sony Launches S-Series LCDs

sony-sseries-1212Sony introduced this week the new S-series LCD line, which completes the company’s transition from CFL-based backlighting to LED-based backlighting for its LCD displays. The S-series is available in both 42″ (FWD-S42H2) and 46″ models (FWD-S46H2) and utilizes an edge-lit LED. They are specified at 700 cd/m2 brightness and are integrated with DICOM simulated gamma settings for medical reference use. They have both VGA and HDMI inputs as well as HD-SDI/SDI. Control is RS232 or Ethernet and the displays can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation.

Here are the specs for the FWD-S42H2:
Here are the specs for the FWD-S46H2