Source Digital Announces to Allow for Digital Signage Content to Be More Personally Accessible

sourcedigital-1116Source Digital just announced its platform, which is designed to create personalization via smart content with multiscreen use in digital signage. The platform claims to allow viewers to intuitively and instantly access and discover related experiences while viewing programming on any device — smart phone, tablet, computer and traditional TV.

The new omni-screen world is no longer limited to TVs, but now nearly everywhere — mobile phones, tablets, computers, wearable tech and even retail locations — bringing consumer engagement to new heights. With the cloud-centric platform, content owners can stage and publish an unlimited array of data against any of their assets at any time using virtualized metadata and data linking tools. This allows for designing and fulfilling personalized strategies against real-time and file-based content that interfaces with any device to reach a new generation of content viewers.

Established as an open platform strategy, seamlessly interfaces with any existing asset management system, production and post production data source to virtually and perpetually align it with new data for curation at any point against the programming. This includes use of advanced cognitive capture and alignment resources allowing an unlimited amount of data to be structured and stored against any frame of video. In addition, these stores of captured metadata can be leveraged for archiving and OTT and OVP platform delivery.

The Source IP is synthetically rooted to the registration of any data type or ancillary content, creating a virtual catalog of information, without physically binding the data to the frame of video. Subsequently using advanced sync methodologies to recognize the contents DNA, Source maximizes the flexibility to add, subtract, reuse, restrict, channelize and groom any type of data or content to link with content, at any time and on any platform and on any device. consists of the following core components:

  • Scenenventory — metadata and asset warehouse for content related elements
  • Kurator — metadata management tool; auto alignment and manual adjustment of stored assets with metadata
  • Whisper — secure access to metadata (in Kurator) by time, data type and relationship to the content to create personalized engagement
  • Pulse — analytics to help understand viewers and their behavior, indexing unique interactions and relationships as it pertains to viewer content

Here are all the details.