SpeakerCraft announces new Landscape Audio Series

Niles landscape speaker

SpeakerCraft, distributed by Avation, has announced the launch of its new Landscape Audio Series.

The new outdoor line includes satellite speakers, in-ground subwoofers and accessories that seamlessly bring the SpeakerCraft signature sound and indoor quality to outdoor living spaces.

“The new durable and weatherproof SpeakerCraft outdoor series delivers a brilliant sound performance, with an emphasis on powerful bass for any outdoor area,” says SpeakerCraft director of audio Alex Zaliauskas.

“We are excited to give dealers the 70V and 100V installation options they’ve asked for, without sacrificing the SpeakerCraft sound profile their customers depend on. The new weatherproof satellite speakers blend into any outdoor environment, and our all-new burial-rated subs deliver massive bass even in the largest outdoor spaces.”

The SC-OG-6 152mm and the SC-OG-4 100mm 2-way All-Weather Outdoor Satellite Speakers feature a durable weatherproof design that gives it years of reliability. The Satellites can operate in traditional 8ohm mode, but also have adjustable 70V/100V tap switch settings. This allows installation and amplification modes sought after by installers, and allows users to set the volume of each speaker individually.

The new SpeakerCraft SC-BT-12 300mm and SC-BT-10 250mm Boom Tomb In-Ground Subwoofers feature waterproof HDPE enclosures. They are also dunk tested at the manufacturing facility before shipping to ensure leaks won’t occur. Both subwoofers feature a high-flow port design in which the port and canopy assembly spreads the moving air evenly in a 360o pattern, reducing air turbulence and eliminating port noise.

The woofer magnet is located on the vented side of the enclosure, which means it’s cooled by airflow in and out the enclosure. And the port assembly is covered by an aluminium mesh grille that allows unrestricted airflow but still keeps out bugs, animals and debris.

SpeakerCraft is also introducing new ‘quick connect’ accessories, including the AW-LS-STAKE Landscape Speaker Stake Mount, the AW-LS-CONDUIT Landscape Speaker Conduit Box Mount, and the AW-LS-MOUNT Landscape Speaker Surface Mount.

“The single largest failure point for installers integrating outdoor satellites is when they lean their weight on it to push it into the ground, often breaking the entire assembly,” Alex says.

“Our new accessories eliminate this issue. They employ a ‘quick connect’ method that allows the speaker to be installed after the accessory is mounted, making the installation far more reliable.”

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