Super Handy Keyboard Tips for iPhone and iPad: Time to Speed Up Typing

Best Keyboard Tips for iPhone and iPad

Unless you have mastered swipe gestures and hidden iOS keyboard tricks, your typing might still be slow moving. But bother not; it’s quite simple to speed up typing after a bit of learning curve.

Not just you, very few enjoy dealing with the software keyboard. Frankly speaking; I didn’t love it either especially during my initial interaction. However, things have changed a lot. And so has my experience thanks to some of the coolest keyboard tips for iPhone and iPad.

What makes these tricks so handy is that they get rid of the unnecessary taps. Plus, they make it pretty easy to switch from one keyboard to the other. As a result, you can type with the desired flair and swiftness!

18 Coolest iPhone and iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks To Enhance Your Typing Experience

#1. Add Numbers or Symbols

Unless you know how to enter numbers or symbols swiftly, your typing will continue to be a bumpy ride. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to enter them thanks to a swipe gesture.

To add a specific number or symbol, touch the (123) number button, swipe to the key you want to enter and then release the finger. The best thing about this gesture is that the keyboard automatically switches back to the QWERTY layout. So, your typing remains smooth sailing!

Add Numbers or Symbols with Swipe Gesture


#2. Quickly Enter Capital Letter

Generally, what do we do to enter a capital letter when using the keyboard on iPhone or iPad? Hit the Shift key and then tap on the specific letter. It not just brings our typing to a halt but also takes away the momentum. No longer bear with this productivity killer!

To enter a capital letter more smartly, touch the Shift key and then swipe to the letter you want to add and then release the finger. It’s that simple.

Quickly Enter Capital Letter using Keyboard on iPhone or iPad

#3. Switch Language

You are typing a message in English. But suddenly a hilarious joke comes to your mind, and you think that it can be expressed in a better way in your mother tongue or another language of your choice.

Touch and hold the Globe iconglobe key and then swipe to the desired language. Alternately, you can also tap on the same key to jump to the preferred option.

Switch Language in iOS Keyboard

#4. Access Keyboard Settings In A Jiffy

Imagine a situation where you are writing a note on your iPhone. Midway, you think that the predictive feature is kind of hindering you from typing smoothly. What would you generally do? Open Settings app and then go to the keyboard preference pane to turn off Predictive. It wouldn’t be great either for your time or productivity!

The better way to get it done is touch and hold the Globe iconglobe key and then hit the Keyboard Settings. It will directly take you into the keyboard preference.

Quick Access Keyboard Settings on iPhone or iPad

#5. Use Nifty Key Flick Feature on iPad

In iOS 11, Apple introduced a super handy feature called “Key Flicks.” What makes it such a good tool is the ability to enter numbers or symbols quickly without having to switch back and forth.

To enter a number or a specific symbol, all you need to do is pull down a key. To discover more about this feature, jump over here.

How to Use Key Flicks on iPad

#6. Turn Keyboard into Trackpad to Move the Cursor Easily

This one has been my favorite feature in iOS keyboard app. Times when I want to edit text with ease, it becomes the need of the hour.

Earlier this feature was available only on iPad and 3D Touch supported iPhone. However, Apple has made it available across the devices that can run iOS 12 or later.

To turn the keyboard into a trackpad, simply touch and hold your finger on the space bar. Then, drag your finger to move the cursor.

Turn Non-3D Touch iPhone Keyboard into a TrackpadOn your 3D Touch supported device, touch and hold anywhere on the keyboard to invoke trackpad.

Turn iPhone Keyboard into a Trackpad

#7. Select Text Using Keyboard as Trackpad

Aside from letting you move cursor swiftly, “Trackpad” can also help you select text with ease. Though this handy feature works perfectly on the 3D Touch supported iPhone, it can get your work done on any iOS 12 supported devices.

First off, enter the trackpad mode by pressing the space bar or touching and holding the keyboard. Then, use the cursor to jump to the specific spot. Next, slightly lighten the touch and press the grayed out screen to move the cursor to select the text.

Select Text in Trackpad mode on Non-3D touch iPhone

To know more about this hidden feature, head over to this article.

#8. Delete Text Faster with 3D Touch

If you have 3D-Touch compatible iPhone like iPhone 6s/6 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, iPhone X or Xs/Xs Max, you can delete text a bit faster. Moreover, it doesn’t involve any extra step. All you need to do to quickly get rid of unnecessary sentences is touch and hold the back iOS Keyboard Back Button button.

Of course, you can use the same back button to remove text on your non-3D Touch devices. Though it may not be super speedy, it’s not slow moving either.

Delete Text Faster with 3D Touch

#9. Shake to Undo

The option to redo/undo an action offers more flexibility and also saves plenty of your time. Guess what? You can use this functionality on your iPhone and iPad as well. But to get it done, you have to give your device a quick shake. Yeah, it sounds a little crazy but gets the job done effectively.

Note: Ensure that it is turned on. Settings → General → Accessibility → Shake to Undo → switch on the toggle.

Say you have written something and wanted to undo it. Shake your device and then tap on Undo in the popup. And if you want to redo it, shake your device again. Then, hit Redo Tying.

Use Shake to Undo or Redo on iPhone and iPad

#10. Save Time with Text Replacement

There are some phrases or sentences that we often use in our life. Instead of typing those oft-repeated sentences time and time again, you can create shortcuts for them.

So, when you want to type your favorite phrase, all you need to do is just enter the custom shortcut, and the keyboard will automatically pop it up. Select it, and you are ready to go!

Use text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

To create a text shortcut, open Settings → General → Keyboard → Text Replacement.

Go to Text Replacement Settings on iPhone or iPad

Tap on the “+” button → enter the phrase like “See you soon.” → enter shortcut like “SY.” → tap on Save. To find out more about this hack, head over to this post.

Create a text shortcut on iPhone or iPad

#11. Enter the Domain Address Faster

As impressive as it sounds, you can type out a domain address with utmost ease. Whether you want to enter a site name fast while searching in a web browser or insert it in your story, this hack can indeed speed up the task for you.

To put your hands on this trick, open a web browser and then tap on the URL bar to access the keyboard. Next, enter the initial name of the site. Next up, touch and hold the period button. Now, a menu will show up with several options like .com, .edu, .org and more. Swipe to the desired TLD, and you are done!

Enter the Domain Address Faster with iPhone Keyboard

#12. Use One-Handed Keyboard Mode on iPhone

There are times when you want to type out messages or send one-liner comment with just one hand or rather your thumb. Save this trick for those special times where you prefer comfort to anything else.

To invoke the one-handed typing mode, touch and hold the Globe iconglobe icon. Then, you have two options: keyboard iconLeft and keyboard iconright handy typing modes. Hit the preferred option and then go ahead with the typing as usual. To put the keyboard to its normal position, tap on the arrow sign.

Use One Handed Keyboard Mode on iPhone

#13. Undock Keyboard on iPad

When you access the keyboard, it shows up at the bottom of the screen. However, you can move it anywhere on the screen. It’s really nice and can bring not just the flexibility but also a fun element to your experiment.

To undock the keyboard, touch and hold the keyboard iconsmall keyboard icon. Then, swipe to Undock in the menu. Next, use this very icon to drag the keyboard at the desired place.

Undock Keyboard on iPad

When you want to dock the keyboard, touch and hold the keyboard iconkeyboard icon. Then, swipe to Dock.

Dock Keyboard on iPad

#14. Split Keyboard on iPad

Did you know that you could split the iPad keyboard? If you don’t want to engage both your hands or wish to type using your thumb, this tip can be your thing.

To bring this feature into action, touch and hold the keyboard iconkeyboard button at the bottom right. Next, swipe to Split in the tiny menu that pops up.

Split Keyboard on iPad

When you want to bring the keyboard to its normal position, touch and hold the same icon again. Then, swipe to Dock and Merge.

Unsplit Keyboard on iPad

#15. Hide Keyboard on iPad and iPhone

Let’s say, you have written a long note and now want to hide the keyboard so that you can check the whole story more conveniently. Pretty simple!

On your iPad, Tap on the keyboard iconkeyboard button at the bottom right to hide it instantly.

Hide Keyboard on iPad

It’s just as straightforward on iPhone. You just need to swipe down from the middle of the screen to put the keyboard out of the sight.

Hide Keyboard in Notes App on iPhone

And when you want to show up the keyboard again, just tap anywhere on the screen.

#16. Quickly Enter the Period

If you don’t know this nifty little trick, you may be hitting the number keyboard and then tapping the period (aka full stop) key to enter it. To say the least; it’s rather inconvenient and definitely not great for your productivity.

The next time, you want to enter a full stop at the end of a sentence, just double tap the space bar. Moreover, the period will be followed by a space ensuring you can write the next sentence.

Quickly Enter the Period with iOS Keyboard

#17. Use Dictation to Convert Speech into Text

Supposing you are on the go and suddenly a unique idea strikes your mind. Though you want to note it down, you don’t feel convenient to type. This is where the “Dictation” feature would come into play really well!

Simply, bring up the keyboard and hit the microphonetiny microphone icon. Then, speak your mind. It will be converted into text. At the end of a sentence, speak the suitable punctuation. Like, “Where is your brother question mark”.

Use Dictation to Convert Speech into Text on iPhone or iPad

To return to the main screen, hit the keyboard iconkeyboard icon. You can change the Dictation language or set a specific language as a default option by going to the Keyboard Settings. Settings → General → Keyboard → Dictation language.

Change the Dictation language on iPhone or iPad

#18. Check the Definition of A Word

Slightly hidden under the wrap is the option to check the definition of a word. And it can be done with utmost ease. Simply touch the word and hit Select in the popup window. Then, tap on Look Up. On the next screen, you should see the definition of the word.

Check the Definition of A Word with Keyboard on iPhone or iPad

That’s pretty much it!

Video: iPhone or iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks

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Now that all the smart tricks are on your radar, boost your typing so that it becomes a pleasing experience. Or at least, your fingers no longer find it inconvenient to deal with the keys.

To bring more fun element, you can also bring some third-party keyboard apps into the mix. They can let you customize the look with attractive themes and also add some nice tools to spice up the whole things.

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