SurgeX and LynTec Announce Strategic Alliance

SurgeX, a ProAV industry AV power protection and control company, and Lyntec, a manufacturer of AC power sequencing products for sound and theatrical lighting systems, announced last week the formation of a strategic alliance.

The two companies will now be cross-pollinating their software and hardware engineering departments to deliver improved solutions for pro applications, with the goal of seamless integration of these two problem-solving components for the AC power platform.

LynTec President Mark Bishop said, “Our customers have been asking for integrated power control and electrical protection systems, and there is no one we’d rather bring these solutions to the table with than SurgeX. The combination of our respective technologies will set the standard for professional A/V system power platforms moving forward.”

Michael McCook, SurgeX founder and new business development consultant, added, “These two innovative companies have come together to collaborate on the most critical aspect of system integration, the AC power foundation. Our mutual efforts will also move forward on a global scale to provide product solutions for international power platforms.”

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