SurgeX Next Generation of Flagship Sequencer Shown at InfoComm

SurgeX brought its SEQ flagship sequencer and power conditioner to InfoComm. The SEQ incorporates all the latest SurgeX technologies such as Advanced Series Mode surge elimination, Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI filtering, SurgeX ICE Inrush current elimination and COUVS Catastrophic Over/Under Voltage Shutdown.

SurgeX says the latest generation SEQ features a sharper, easier to read, display and enhanced software. New features include a 12 Volt DC Output that can be programmed to control an additional remote system, and the ability to program additional always-on outlets.

The SEQ has three physical banks of four outlets each that can be sequenced with two external (remote) banks of equipment. It is designed to interface with other control systems and can be infinitely cascaded with other SurgeX products.

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