Synthax and Ferrofish Announce New Verto Series Dante Digital Converters

Synthax, the Americas distributor for Ferrofish, has introduced the new Ferrofish Verto 32, Verto 64 and Verto MX Dante format converters. The Verto 32 and Verto 64 offer ADAT (32×32 or 64×64 channels) while the Verto MX has MADI. With the ability to easily integrate ADAT and MADI into an existing Dante network, the Verto converters feature word clock I/O for external synchronization and can be remotely controlled.

The Ferrofish Verto series can be remotely controlled via the Dante Network. If all devices are connected via MIDI, the Verto converts all Dante audio streams to ADAT or MADI and the control commands are sent over Dante into MIDI remote control messages. The Verto MX offers an additional feature. Instead of a separate MIDI port, the MIDI messages are extracted from the MIDI-over-MADI port.

For recording studio applications, the new Verto 32 and Verto 64 are the ideal solutions for converting both ADAT and MADI to the Dante format while the Verto MX is well-suited to broadcast environments where 64 MADI channels can be easily converted and placed on a Dante network. The Verto 32 and Verto 64 models support sampling frequencies ranging from 44.1 kHz – 96 kHz while the Verto MX supports sampling frequencies from 44.1 kHz – 192 kHz.

Depending upon the sampling frequency one has selected, channel count varies with each Verto device. The Verto 32 supports 32 I/O channels at 48 kHz or 16 I/O channels at 96 kHz. By contrast, the Verto 64 supports 64 I/O channels at 48 kHz or 32 I/O channels at 96 kHz while the Verto MX supports 64 I/O channels at 48 kHz, 32 I/O channels at 96 kHz, or 16 I/O channels at 192 kHz.

All three Ferrofish Verto devices offer one 5-pin MIDI port each for input and output. Similarly, all three models provide one BNC word clock input and one BNC word clock output for synchronization purposes. Equally notable, each model is housed in a compact 1RU / half space enclosure.

The Verto 32 is $1,299, the Verto 64 is $1,599 and the Verto MX is $1,999. Here are all the specs.