TechLogix turns to gaming cables

Fibre optic technology company TechLogix Networx has launched HDMI and DisplayPort video cables specifically designed for electronic gaming and eSports competition.

The TechLogix cables support true, real-time 8K and 4K120 video with bandwidths up to 32.4G. The fibre design also provides immunity to RF and electromagnetic interference, something that can plague high-capacity installations.

Unlike traditional video cables, the TechLogix optical core does not require shielding, allowing a finished cable with a 5mm jacket, 7.5mm bend radius, 45k pull-rating and a weight reduction up to 75%. The lower level of strain also provides greater life expectancy even in harsh environments.

The cables are available in stock lengths up to 50m and do not require secondary power supplies.

TechLogix chief executive Cameron Smith says: “We’re increasingly seeing electronic gaming installations with our technology. Fibre is a natural choice for mission-critical applications and recent technology developments actually make it easier to use than traditional copper-based cables.”

TechLogix is distributed in Australia by AV Distributors.

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