Televic Plixus – Clever Conferencing


Televic Plixus – Clever Conferencing

By Jason Allen.

Belgium’s Televic make, amongst other things, high-end conferencing systems, the kind of thing you find installed in 200 delegate seats at the UN, which is in fact one of Televic’s customers. Their slick panels with built-in touchscreens, cameras, speakers, and microphones mount beautifully into custom made furniture, and are compatible with the range of motorised retractable solutions from Arthur Holm.

Top shelf stuff, and the kind of install that maybe comes up once a year, if your business is lucky enough to land it. But their tech has applications way beyond that one big job.

At the core of the Televic conferencing system is the Plixus network, and its Multimedia Engine. The engine can handle the processing and distribution of six channels of full HD video, 32 channels of audio interpretation, 32 channels of other audio, data, internet, and control, all distributed over standard Ethernet.

It’s controlled and monitored via CoCon Management software, which can not only set-up all the devices on the network, but record with its T-Rex recording option, annotate, manage documents, run votes, send messages, ID participants, track metadata, archive, and even order snacks (seriously).


On the participant end, there’s a number of options for their interface. The hard-wired, flush mounted UniCOS 7” and 10” with touchscreen interface can view up to six video streams, consult the agenda and browse the topics, view documents, vote, and film the delegate and capture their audio, sending it onto the network.

If you want something temporary or portable, there’s the Confidea range, which can be wired or wireless. There’s a number of options for delegate stations, but all include a microphone and speaker, with options for voting, interpretation, chair capabilities on so on.

This is where the Plixus system gets interesting outside of that one flagship install – it makes it a useful investment for rental houses.

Adding to the flexibility of the Plixus system is the Video-IN and Video-OUT boxes, which allow you to BYO video and audio device, connected via HDMI. They are effectively a UniCOS endpoint without the hardware interface. Televic also make the T-Cam – a package that includes two PTZ cameras, a Blackmagic capture card and video switcher, and T-Cam control software. Add these to the network, and you can run up to four PTZ cameras that automatically track talking heads.

The Plixus hardware exudes quality – the UniCOS interfaces in particular are a joy to touch and use. With all this seeming high-end luxury, you’d expect Televic to be out of the range of budget practicality for any but the biggest of institutional installs, but the costs are actually on-par with other well-known manufacturers.

This is particularly compelling for any AV or production company that would like to be able to put together a good quality conferencing system for an event. In fact, Plixus with the Confidea wireless units and some powered speakers is a great solution for panel discussions, small AGMs, and many other types of meeting.

Factor in the ease of deploying everything via Cat5 and wireless, the recording capability, and no need to run foldback, and Plixus is well worth considering for your next inventory purchase.

Brand: Televic
Model: Plixus
Pricing: Depends on configuration
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