Texas Tough Series Racks from AtlasIED Debut

AtlasIED has launched the Texas Tough Series, an equipment cabinet solution. Texas Tough racks provide a central point for an AV system. The series includes models available in increments of five rack units, from 20RU to 45RU with either 25-inch or 30-inch depths. Additionally, each model is available with solid, perforated or Plexiglas front door options. Its hybrid design allows it to be used in standalone or gangable deployments.

The Digital Crown on each model includes a Plexiglas badge mounted in the center of the crown that is edge lit by multiple RGB LEDs that can be customized to the customer’s choice.

An integrated circuit board includes a contact closure that can be connected to a remote fault indicator allowing the LEDs to change color when an equipment fault is indicated. This provides a visual clue that there is an issue. Additionally, the contact closure will trigger an audible alarm when triggered.

Down-ring LED lights are integrated into the front so t of the rack. The white light intensity is adjustable for both the open and closed door positions. The LEDs can also be used to provide a less intense ambient light in the closed door rack to delicately showcase the equipment when installed in a high traffic location.

The front and rear rails install to the DIN rails via the patented DINlok technology system. The installation is tool-less and positively locks the rail into a specific location within provided 1″ increments.

All the specs are here.