TFCinfo Projector Report Says Panasonic, Sony, Epson and NEC Are Top Brands

tfcinfo-0312TFCinfo’s recently published Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Tracking Report 2012 reveals that the top four most important factors end users consider when purchasing a projector are overall picture quality, brightness, price and reliability/maintenance costs.

Experienced projector users and purchasers name Panasonic, Sony, Epson and NEC as the top brands they consider to be high quality/reliable brands. Respondents name Panasonic, Sony and Epson as the brands that offer a great price as an investment (higher price/higher quality), while on the polar end of price respondents name Dell, Epson, InFocus and Sharp as the brands that offer the best value (price at entry level).

“Being known as offering quality and reliability is an extremely positive position for any brand to be in, and couple that with being viewed as an investment only makes your brand more appealing to consider for purchase,” states Tanya Lippke, TFCinfo director of survey market research. “This report shows that some brands have an even bigger advantage. A perfect example is Epson. Not only is Epson viewed as offering a quality projector, [but also] they are viewed as both a good investment and a great value.”

The research measures projector brand strength among experienced projector users and purchasers in the five most important market segments in the AV industry: large corporations, small/medium businesses, small office and home users, education and government.

This extensive 360 page report reveals detailed customer insights and analysis that will help manufacturers tobuild and sustain an advantage in the marketplace. Many other brands were researched in-depth and each show significant strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. Other brands not previously mentioned that are analyzed in depth include 3M, Dukane, Eiki, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Optoma, Runco and Sanyo.